Elaborate Hegemonies

“Anyone who pays a little attention to the growth of plants will readily observe that certain of their external members are some­times transformed, so that they assume-either wholly or in some lesser degree – the form of the member nearest in the series.”

-J.W. von Goethe  An Attempt to Interpret the Metamorphosis of Plants   

The mastermind should not be confused with the vessel. While their outpourings may appear homologous, the apparatus of the mastermind, being more petulant than the equanimous vessel, operationalizes  inner-patterns on his material charge and so tends to deliver solids over liquids, fire over air. His mantra:

  1. We inhabit the elements to which we best correspond.
  2. We have, through thousands of years of accommodation, become so like these elements that when we hold still we are scarcely to be distinguished from our surroundings.
  3. Material aggregations are not abstract, but mechanical.
  4. Processes are repetitions.
  5. Repetition is mechanical.
  6. The elaborate is cumulative – mechanically so.
  7. The external world is assigned a tempo- in us.
  8. Mathematic logic is moral in nature.
  9.  The assumption that two things are equal seems not quite credible, as a result, sensitivity balks at the equals-symbol, on which virtually everything is now based.
  10. All work is the same work; there is always room for more bodies to be thrust in on top, provided they all submit and fall together into an indistinguishable heap and become what I want them to become.